Biden Outlines Priorities For Next Pandemic Relief Package

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Joe Biden is calling Trump inept over his handling of the pandemic, and saying that people are looking to Congress for support to keep their heads above water.

In a statement shared on Monday with the Associated Press, Biden outlines his priorities in the next relief package for those who need it most, working families and small businesses.

Joe’s four main priorities

  • Congress should authorize all necessary funding for testing and tracing, including personal protective equipment
  • Congress should reject all efforts to cut taxes for the wealthy, focusing on aid going to middle- and lower-class working Americans and small businesses
  • Mandate any loans that go to businesses include provisions that include a commitment that funds are used to hire and protect American workers
  • Provide governors and local leaders resources to address the crisis at the local level, including full funding to help schools open safely and prevent teacher layoffs — including a $30 billion package for schools to implement safety changes

Story at the Washington Post.

Alternate source at Seattle Times.