Covid-19 Pandemic USA Update

As of 18:47 Hrs EDT 0n 7/21/20

144,904 Americans are confirmed to have died from the Covid-19 virus, up 1070 from 7/20.

4,025,520 Americans are confirmed to have contracted the Covid-19 virus, up 64,091 from 7/20.


My opinion : The CDC casually reports that anywhere from 3-13 times as many contractions as confirmed have taken place without any clear, replicable scientific basis for documenting its assertion. I view this as less than worthless because all it does is make already concerned, fearful, and generally justifiably uptight about the danger of the virus folks – just about everyone alive – even more so with no doorway of relief.

Stick with reliable, replicable data from reliable sources. Follow proven safety protocols. Don’t drink bleach, gulp hydroxychloroquine, or swallow sunlight through a magnifying glass. Stay smart and safe. Try to relax. Think happy thoughts {like trumpuke on fire, Candy Barr disappearing etc.}

The WorldOMeters website linked above provides extensive information about the organization, its staff, methodology, and worldwide partners.