Haiku Wednesday

Here are the rules: I request that any stand alone comment you post be in Haiku format. How you reply to a comment is your choice.

In a nutshell:

Your first line MUST contain 5 syllables, nothing more, nothing less.

Second line must contain 7 syllables.

The last line reverts to the first line: 5 syllables.

Easy peasy-5,7,5.

I will get the Haiku party going:

You held your presser

You claimed it would disappear

So many are dead.

The death toll, insane

You lied, Americans died

More deaths on your watch.

It’s not successful

The death poll rages onward

What’s next, genius?

On Election Day,

Vote his ass out or more dead

The man has no clue.

Your fascist brownshirts

Will not come to our cities

We do have our rights.

Now it’s your turn, ENJOY!

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