Opinion: Germany has no Karen, but it has the Alman

The Karen phenomenon is omnipresent. Images of loud, entitled, angry white American women dishing out abuse have gone viral. And there's a German counterpart — of sorts, writes Jenipher Camino Gonzalez.

The Karen meme is everywhere. We have all seen the videos of white American, middle class or above, self-righteous females who adamantly “want to speak to a manager,” refuse to wear a mask, and use their racial privilege to punish Black or brown Americans.

Does a person like that exist in Germany? Probably. But Karens as a group, codified into a meme? Not really. Memes are country specific and they reflect aspects of that society’s present. But there is a meme about middle class, hyperindividualist white Germans, male and female, that does stand out: the Alman.

The term Alman originally comes from the Turkish community and is used to refer to white Germans. And like Karens, Almans have always been around, but as Germany blossoms into a multicultural society, their quirks and idiosyncrasies are beginning to stick out. It is impossible to not run into an Alman; they are everywhere, and they have many concerns!

Almans: rule enforcers

Almans are very concerned about people not following the rules. […]

Police as regulators of sound

Almans are very particular and strict about noise and when it can be made. […]

Paradise Mallorca
Alman impatience
Almans are popular


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