Christopher Nolan’s Tenet to be released in August – but not in the US

Will we ever have movies in the U.S. again?

Warner Bros has announced that Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated sci-fi thriller Tenet will be released in international markets before the US.

Christopher Nolan

An unusual new strategy will see the film launch in 70 countries from 26 August, including the UK and France, before a release in select US cities on 3 September. The exact cities are still to be confirmed.As Tenet is delayed yet again, is it time to end cinema’s ‘America first’ policy? Read more

America’s biggest cinema chain, AMC, has announced reopening plans for “mid-to-late August” while Regal and Cinemark have yet to unveil their strategies. While many independent chains have reopened in some states, New York and California have yet to see any indoor cinemas resume operation. It is estimated that less than 20% of cinemas are currently open in the US.

Tenet, which stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, was originally slated for release in July yet, with the majority of cinemas closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was one of many high-profile delays. Today’s announcement marks the third release date for the film.

Washington and Pattinson

While most studios have postponed their big movies into late 2020 or 2021 and beyond, Nolan has high hopes that “Tenet” can usher audiences back to theaters, which have been closed since March to help stop the spread of coronavirus. For that reason, Warner Bros. had previously decided to incrementally move “Tenet” back weeks at a time, rather than postpone it to a significant degree until a majority of cinemas are able to safely reopen. When they are able to turn the lights back on, there’s no telling how eager people will be to return to the movies.

Warner Bros. shelled out $200 million to produce “Tenet,” not including hefty marketing fees, meaning it’s no small gamble to premiere the film. It’s still ambiguous when movie theaters in New York City and Los Angeles — which accounts for 20% of the overall domestic box office  — will be able to resume operations at a large-scale level. However, insiders at Warner Bros. say they could move forward with “Tenet” in select U.S. cities where cases of the virus have eased and public health and government officials deem it safe.

Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh

=Nolan, whose credits also include “The Dark Knight” trilogy and “Interstellar,” wrote and directed “Tenet,” an espionage thriller about a secret agent tasked with preventing another world war. The cast includes Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Kenneth Branagh.

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