Talko Tuesday: 7-28-2020

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Hey, Peeps! What’s going on in your world? My city is close to on fire…again. We had some shit happen over the weekend and that #WalkAway bullshit is supposed to happen this weekend but, my understanding is that NO new permits for protests on CA’s Capitol steps is supposed to happen. Either way, if it does, there will be more anti-Trumpstains than pro-Trumpstains where I live and that can turn ugly. Furthermore, there are NO black people I know that even entertain supporting Trump— HE’S A RACIST— just like his cult.

So, talk amongst yourselves and enjoy each others company but, let’s have some music. It’s summer and summer always has music blasting:

I’m Old School so just hang with me.

Since we can’t do much where I live, we hang out in the back—watch the tomatoes turn colors, drink wine, play dominos, and talk about when Life Was Sweet.

I want to clarify my sentiments on this song…I’m not religious; I’m an Agnostic. I have a good man; he sleeps next to me every night. BUT–I still suffer from some Catholic guilt and I ask myself ‘Why wasn’t I more grateful—When Life Was Sweet.’ So, there’s my reference.

Seriously, I took it for granted. We always take for granted what we don’t have or no longer have. Plus it gives me a reason to belt it out.

Just because because it’s so fun to harmonize to this—you would have to sing to understand. What movie made this famous? Hint–UGH—I’m using a term I hate but it was a ‘mob’ movie. A Bronx Tale—my favorite ‘mob hits.”

Colegio was a beautiful young man. He has hair like my youngest son I and have if we had short hair and we don’t. My son’s hair is even longer than mine. It’s the thickness and curls.


I should have saved this to a Throwback Thursday thread,maybe. Screw it.

Enjoy the last Tuesday of July!

Ms. G

Any Adult in the Room-2020.