Last Call: 8-01-20

Wow–it’s August already. Good! It just means we’re closer to the General Election. In fact, we’re 93 days out and the incompetent, reckless, dangerous, and racist ass needs to go!

It also means, 2020 has five (can’t count) months left of its miserable life and then will ‘just disappear’ into the history books of the worst year we have seen in modern times. No, that isn’t hyperbole; that’s real. As of 4:39 PM PDT, 157K Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19. Oh, but Trump and his cartel saved hundreds of thousands, MILLIONS of lives because they handled this pandemic so damn well, the best!🙄 😡

On a positive note, I want to give a shout out to YOU GUYS! You made News Views’ transition from a Disqus Channel to our own, special place on the World Wide Web work out very well. It was one year ago when News Views bolted the Disqus Channel system (before they all got nuked) and we formed our own INDEPENDENT website. Thank you guys. I’m glad we have each other to keep our sanity through these tough and deadly times.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend; they go by so quickly. I’m going to go play Dominos with my husband and get my ass kicked again. He’s on a roll lately. Maybe my luck will change today.

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