MSNBC’s Ari Melber interviews Trump sycophant Steve Cortes over Trump’s failure to deliver jobs

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Trump 2020 Campaign Adviser Steve Cortes faces a probing interview from MSNBC anchor Ari Melber over Trump’s failure to keep his 2016 campaign pledges on the coal industry and jobs. Pressed to provide factual answers on the economy, Cortes says he does not want to play “quiz show,” and Melber walks through economic data showing Trump has not overseen a net gain in coal jobs nor come close to the new jobs created during the Obama administration, even before the pandemic recession. Melber also asks Cortes to address public comments he made about whether Trump should be a little bit “more fascist.”


Steve Cortes is the same person that doesn’t believe Trump has not been ‘fascist enough.

“If Trump were the fascist that they pretend that he is, wouldn’t he have cracked down much, much harder on the unrest in the American streets?” Cortes said on The Steve Cortes Show on June 25, less than three weeks after the incident at Lafayette Square. “To be quite honest, you know, when there were people being bloodied, cops being attacked, businesses being smashed, I could have used a tad bit more of a fascist Trump.”

-Steve Cortes

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