Trump Mangles “Yosemite” at Signing of Conservation Act

'When they gaze upon Yo-semites – Yo-seminites – towering sequoias, their love of country grows stronger'

During a ceremony where Trump signed a bill known as the Great America Outdoors Act, the simple act of pronouncing one of America’s best known national parks became a feat too difficult for the president.

The legislation is one of the most significant pieces of environmental and conservation laws passed by this Congress in a rare bipartisan effort, allocating billions of dollars for repairs and maintenance despite a largely polarised body on matters related to the climate crisis.

The bill marks the third most funding injected into our national parks since the 1950’s.

So on a happy occasion for America, is it too much to ask that a POTUS be familiar enough with our nation to have heard the name of one of our most popular parks, like, ever?

Or can we just expect Trump and Republicans to keep on throwing shade to Joe Biden’s intellectual abilities when Trump mangles words every day?

Source info at the Independent.

Also Mashable for video source.