Covid-19 Pandemic USA Update

165,070 Americans are confirmed to have died from the Covid-19 virus, up 976 from 8/7. 5,149,663 Americans are confirmed to have contracted the Covid-19 virus.\, up 54,139 from 8/7. From 8/2- 8/8/20 7,076 Americans were MORE

Pandemic Morons

Maskless Bikers Party Down

250,000 Expected At Sturgis The rally has made national news this week due to the expected turnout and the fact that there is no mask mandate in effect, raising concerns that the event could lead MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 8-08-20

What a week. We now have over 162K dead Americans from the Trumpvirus. Hopefully, we will vote him out of the People’s House in 86 days regardless of how hard he and other GOPers work MORE

Live Discussions

Trump holds a presser at his country club

Join News Views for a Live Discussion on Trump’s presser before the Country Club Crowd. Trump is expected to signs some bigly Executive Orders relating to COVID-19 relief for the American people. What he can legally accomplish without MORE