Finally! The media calls Trump out for lying about signing the Veterans Choice Act

Everytime, Trump lies to the American people about signing into law the Veterans Choice Act, I want to reach through the television set and just throttle him. Trump DID NOT sign this bill into law; President Obama did in 2014. Trump signed into law the VA MISSION Act in 2018 that continued the previous law but expanded ‘eligibility criteria.’

During Saturday’s press briefing from his New Jersey country club, Trump, once again, said he signed into law the Veterans Choice Act. But this time, CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid called him out for it.

“Why do you keep saying that you passed Veterans Choice?” 

After Paula Reid continued to press Trump on his perpetual lie, he got pissed off, ended the press conference, and exited the podium far right.

Trump’s claim about signing into law the Veterans Choice Act was just one of several lies he told the American people during his press conference before the Country Club Crowd.

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