New Zealand Coronavirus: After more than 100 days Covid-19 free, four new cases

Auckland placed in three-day lockdown after four cases found in one family in the city

New Zealand has recorded its first cases of coronavirus in more than 100 days, pushing its biggest city back into lockdown.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern announced four new cases in Auckland and said renewed restrictions would be enforced in the area from midday on Wednesday until midnight on Friday.

Ms Ardern said Level 3 measures will be put in place in the city, meaning that residents will be asked to stay at home and bars and non-essential businesses will be closed.

The rest of the country will be placed under Level 2 restrictions for the same three-day period. It means mass gatherings will be limited to 100 people, and it is recommended people stay at home as much as possible.

In the last three months, the only Covid-19 cases have been in residents returning from abroad, who have then been quarantined upon re-entry. New Zealand has recorded 1,570 coronavirus cases and 22 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Article submitted by, Rawr.