Florida: Video shows Wendy’s manager coughing on customer’s food

Natasha Senat used an Uber Eats to order food on Tuesday at a Wendy’s located in Miramar. The Uber Eats driver recorded the manager, who’s mask was not covering her mouth, cough into her hand as she reached for food. Shortly after that, she coughed again, this time over an open bag of food.

When the Uber Eats driver delivered the food, he showed the video to Senat.

“So he is showing me the video, I am thinking she is about to eat some of my fries. Never would I have imagined that she would cough while preparing food for the public,” Senat said. “It’s disgusting! I have no other words for that.”

“When I went to confront her, she straight denied it that it was her,” Senat said about the manager.

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