Last Call: 8-15-20

Rachel may have posted about California’s crippling and disgusting heatwave, but those of us call the state home are living it and it sucks. I believe around noon, we hit 104 degrees with clouds, humidity, smog, and just yuck. Even my terrorist cat has no desire to terrorize my entire house; she’s’ drained, as well as my goofy dogs.

I have no energy either, other than to remind y’all that in 79 days, we get our only chance to remove that racist, sexist, lying, corrupt, Orange Ass out of the People’s House. And because the Orange Ass has launched a war on the USPS, get your ballot in no later than October 22, 2020. If you have the option of dropping it off at an approved collection site, do so. I’m only speaking about what we have available to us in CA besides a disgusting heat wave.

So, wherever you are, stay safe and healthy. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, News Viewers.

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