But of course they are: Gun toting RWNJs who waved guns at BLM protesters will participate in the GOP convention

Wing Nut darlings, Patricia and Mark McCloskey, the white couple who brandished weapons at BLM protesters on their private street will be part of Republican National Convention next week.

The St. Louis couple became well-known this summer after they emerged on the patio of their Versailles-style mansion and waved guns — he a large one, she a smaller one — at a marching, congregating group of Black Lives Matter protesters, who were heading to the mayor’s house down the street.

The couple was later charged, and they were criticized for their aggressive move menacing demonstrators. But their supporters said they were simply protecting their private property and were fearful for their safety.

Be afraid, suburban housewives. be very, VERY afraid of those BLM protesters who just want equality in this country.


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