Watch Anderson Cooper’s relentless grilling of My Pillow CEO: ‘How do you sleep at night?’

Talk about a pillow fight.. . .

The MyPillow guy — who has a legal name but let’s be real you know him as the MyPillow guy — got clobbered in an interview-turned-argument with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. 

The MyPillow CEO (fine, his name is Michael Lindell) is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. In recent days he’s been pushing an unproven plant extract called Oleander as the “cure” for coronavirus despite the fact that it could be dangerous for people to ingest. It might shock you, you know, or not, to learn that Lindell has a financial stake in the company that manufacturers the extract. 

For some reason Lindell agreed to appear on CNN with known fact-user Anderson Cooper. Not surprisingly, Cooper absolutely grilled him in an extremely long TV interview that devolved into more of a fight. MyPillow guy kept trying to wriggle away but the skilled journalist refused to let things slide. In just one four-minute selection of the interview, Cooper accomplished a lot: 

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