Trump Campaign Suing New Jersey Over Mail-In Ballots

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Trump’s re-election campaign has sued New Jersey following their decision on Friday to mail a ballot to every voter for the November election. Voters will also have the choice to vote in-person.

Trump’s campaign filed the lawsuit in the New Jersey U.S. District Court to invalidate Executive Order 177 as a “complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief” and described the step taken by the Democratic governor as “illegal”.

The charges state that Murphy exercised power that belonged to the state legislature in changing the state’s election law, and second, that the changes “will violate eligible citizens’ right to vote”.

Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that they will use methods similar to those used in the primary election in July, with improvements based on what they learned. Improvements would include more presence and security of drop boxes, physical in-voting capacity, and paper ballots instead of voting machines to guard against duplicate voting.

The Trump campaign has also sued the state of Nevada to block a law that sends mail-in ballots to every voter, saying that it invites “inevitable” voter fraud, despite experts that repeatedly say voter fraud of any kind is extremely rare.

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