Fired Up and Ready to Go… to save our DEMOCRACY

Remember When Life was Sweet and we had someone who talked to us calmly and helped soothe our fears? Yeah, I do…..and I miss it so.

His speech was a call, a call, for all of us to get up off our lazy, stay at home asses and get out the vote, or mail in our votes by October 21. Not only did PRESIDENT Obama give us a lesson in US History that so many of us slept through, he laid out the consequences of Trump’s (mis) administration and what another four years of this nightmare would result in.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? That’s something we all must ask ourselves. Sure, I’m with my family, at home, but am I better off? Hell no! I just got a pay cut and I work only part-time so, yeah, that’s YUUUUGE, Plus, I love to cook but not this much…virtually every freaking night!

I want to go out and dance again. I want to listen to music, sip wine, enjoy a good meal with the people I love and a meal I didn’t have to make and clean up after it.

One of my sons just moved back home; he can’t afford the rent and he’s going through some tough times as well. He has a good job and is an essential worker. But, he’s not better off.

My other son gets to take the Bar online in October; the first time EVER in CA that has happened. I encouraged that boy to go law school since he was two years old because he had it in him and he made my dream come true. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to graduate, in the traditional sense, nor did I, his proud mother, get to see him graduate.

I can barely see my mother because we all don’t want her elderly ass (yes, she would be fine with what I just said) exposed to us, although we’re all COVID free. Trust me, my mother is not elderly, in the literal sense. Age is just a number.

I just want some normalcy back in my life…When Life was Sweet.

Seriously…LISTEN TO THE MAN! This is who my father (miss him so much) got me to pay attention to back in 2006. My dad knew his shit. Throw it back!

Vote like NEVER before, please.

Trump has tweeted about Obama’s speech and Day 3 of the DNC but, he doesn’t get a seat at this table because he’s so not worthy. He can stay at the kiddie table because he never had the desire to lead nor be an adult…someone who could talk to us calmly and soothe our fears. He just stokes them and makes them worse.

Fight on!

Ms. G
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