Covid-19 Pandemic USA Update

179,200 Americans are confirmed to have died from the Covid-19 virus, up 1,170 from 8/20. 5,796,727 Americans are confirmed to have been infected by the Covid-19 virus, up 50,455 from 8/20. Article submitted by, ronald MORE


It’s 5:00 Somewhere

We’re starting to see and feel signs of approaching autumn here. I have a handful of leaves turning and dropping from trees — although I’ve been watering my young birch like a crazy lady, it’s MORE


It’s been a rough week for Donnie

On Thursday, federal prosecutors for the southern district of New York announced the indictment and arrest of Steve Bannon, the mastermind behind Donald Trump’s 2016 upset victory, and three others on a single count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Minutes MORE