It’s 5:00 Somewhere

We’re starting to see and feel signs of approaching autumn here. I have a handful of leaves turning and dropping from trees — although I’ve been watering my young birch like a crazy lady, it’s still starting to shed a few yellow ones with September looming.

I live in apple country. While I don’t have any apple trees, the orchards in my neck of the woods are abundant and a part of the autumn culture here. We are approximately two weeks away from the first varieties beginning to be harvested and sold in markets and roadside farm stands.

So while I know lots of you are suffering from heatwaves and fires, our shorter days and dew covered mornings are whetting my appetite for some autumn ciders, wines, mulling spices, and cinnamon whiskeys.

A few years ago the rage was Fireball Whiskey, something fun to pass among friends around a firepit gathering (probably not an attractive or smart option yet to my west coast friends — sorry). The trend grew among other spirit-makers, and after trying a few my favorite became Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire — a delicious concoction, very sippable, in a much less sticky-sweet version of cinnamony goodness.

In addition to enjoying it neat, there are several ways you can get your cinnamon fix in a cocktail. Try adding apple cider, cranberry, and orange juices; add fizz with ginger ale or ginger beer; try combining liquers like Rumchata, apple or butterscotch; or make a kicked up sangria with apples, oranges or peaches.

Anything sound good? I hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and sane this weekend, and whatever you’re relaxing with tonight, cheers to you and cheers to Friday.