Trump once again blames CA’s wildfires on unclean forest floors: “You’ve got to clean your floors.”

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Relentless heat has roasted the state of California for over a week, in conjunction with numerous lightning strikes, thunder, and a few downpours. Because of the lightning strikes, CA is now on fire, once again. More than 370 wildfires have burned thousands of acres, caused numerous evacuations, and filled our air with smoke so thick, you cannot even see the exit signs on the freeway.

So, what does Trump have to say about the latest wildfires? He responded by threatening to cut off funding for wildfire management and blaming the wildfires on “years” of poor forest management.

“And I see again, the forest fires are starting,” Trump said. “They’re starting again in California. And I said, you’ve got to clean your floors. You’ve got to clean your floors.”

Trump has made this ludicrous suggestion before. During the Camp Fire in November 2018, which destroyed much of the rural Butte County town of Paradise (Pleasure, according the Orange Buffoon) and killed 84 people, Trump blamed California despite the fact “the federal government oversees more than half the forestland in California, while state and local agencies control just around three percent.”

He also voiced his ignorance about forest management again in 2019 prompting Governor Newsom to “hit back by saying the president was unqualified to weigh in on fire safety due to his past remarks calling climate change a hoax.”

During the last night of the Democratic National Convention, Gov. Newsom made a brief, video appearance from about a mile away from one of the numerous wildfires.

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