PSA: The Republican Cобрание

The Republicans will begin their 2020 Cобрание Monday, August 24th. Each night will feature Trump in some way, shape, or form. An exact schedule of speakers has yet to be made official but here are some of their hard hitting, up and coming ‘stars’ believed to speak. My Russian is quite rusty, as in non-existant, so please excuse me if I mangled it.

Monday, August 24th Lineup

Theme: “A Land of Heroes”

Trump and Pence will be formally renominated. The roll call vote will take place in Charlotte, but only six delegates from each state and territory will attend.

Keynote speaker: TBA

Tuesday, August 25th Lineup

Theme: “Land of Promise”

Keynote Speaker: First Lady Melania Trump will deliver an address from the White House Rose Garden.

Wednesday, August 26th Lineup

Theme: “Land of Opportunity”

Keynote Speaker: Vice President Mike Pence will deliver an address from Fort McHenry National Park in Baltimore, Maryland.

Thursday, August 27th Lineup

Theme: “Land of Greatness”

Keynote Speaker: President Trump will deliver his acceptance speech from the White House lawn.

New York Magazine:

The RNC will also feature the following:

  • South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.
  • The parents of humanitarian aid worker Kayla Mueller, who was killed by ISIS in 2015; as well as Alice Johnson, a woman who was serving life in prison until Trump commuted her sentence.
  • Nick Sandmann, a former student of Covington Catholic High School.
  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey are set to participate in the convention, too — the McCloskeys garnered national attention in June for brandishing their guns at Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home in St. Louis. 


Join News Views next week for nightly Live Discussions on what will definitely prove to be quite the contrast of last week’s Democratic Party’s Convention.

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