Trump worried marijuana could derail his re-election hopes

"A handful of Trump’s allies and confidants see room for opportunity and outflanking liberals on marijuana measures, even if the sitting president does not."

AG William Barr

According to a report at the Daily Beast, Donald Trump has added the American public’s desire to legalize marijuana to the list of topics that could cripple his chances at re-election.

At issue are states that are crucial to his electoral hopes including initiatives to allow recreational use of weed on the ballot — which will drive up Democratic participation.

As the Beast notes, “The president and some of his team, already obsessed with the potential drop-off of various demographic groups that make up his battered coalition, have begun openly worrying that the drive to legalize or decriminalize marijuana might hurt him and fellow Republicans at the ballot box,” adding, “According to two GOP strategists who’ve independently discussed the topic with Trump this year, the president believes that inclusion of marijuana initiatives on state ballots could supercharge turnout for voters who lean toward Democratic candidates and causes.”

Two of those states have normally been Republican strongholds, and with the president looking at razor-thin margins to stay in office, turnout over weed could help hand the presidency to former Vice President Joe Biden,

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