Congress to launch investigation into Mike Pompeo after brazen RNC speech

The House Foreign Affairs Committee's subpanel on oversight informed the State Department of the inquiry

The Kansas Republican claimed Donald Trump had strengthened NATO, which was the opposite of the truth. Pompeo insisted Trump’s failed policy toward North Korea was a success, which was pitifully untrue. The cabinet secretary said the president “held China accountable for covering up the China virus,” which was amusing, given Trump’s praise for China’s “transparency” on the matter.

Perhaps my personal favorite was Pompeo’s willingness to boast that Ukraine now has “defensive weapon systems” — systems Trump was impeached over after the president tried to leverage the supplies as part of an illegal extortion scheme.

But as important as these errors of fact and judgment were, the content of the secretary’s speech was only a small part of a much larger problem. NBC News reported late yesterday that the Republican’s convention speech is now under investigation on Capitol Hill — and for good reason.


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