Fact Checking Day Two of the RNC

Day 2 of the Republican National Convention produced numerous lies, including those told by Trump’s own family.

Here are a few examples in no particular order of the BS the RNC spoonfed its cult:

  • Larry Kudlow: Claimed Trump inherited a stagnant economy “on the front end of recession.”
  • Fact: False. GDP shows that that average quarterly economic growth under Trump, 2.5 percent, was almost exactly what it was under President Obama in his second term, 2.4 percent. Trump has not grown the economy and more than what he ‘inherited.’ In fact, Second-quarter GDP plunged by worst-ever 32.9% amid virus-induced shutdown.
  • Claim: Unemployment lowest ever. True, but not because of Trump. The numbers had trended lower under the Obama administration and continued trending lower when Trump took office. In fact, Obama saw a much steeper drop in unemployment in his second term, a 3.3 drop in the rate, than Trump did in his first three years, a decline of 1.2 points. Under the Obama administration, more jobs were created, while under Trump, all those jobs crashed and burned. Some have slowly returned but there are very few, if any, new jobs created.

Repeating a lie constantly does not somehow make it the truth.

  • Eric Trump: During his speech, he claimed Joe Biden wants to defund the police. No, Joe does not.
  • Fact: Biden rejected those calls from the hard left in June, telling CBS News: “No, I don’t support defunding the police.”
  • He has instead proposed to increase police funding by “reinvigorate the COPS program with a $300 million investment,” according to his official justice platformCOPS refers to Community Oriented Policing Services, a program that seeks to bolster community-based policing. 
  • Eric Trump: Eric Trump also claimed Joe Biden wants to ‘take away’ the Second Amendment.
  • Fact: Biden’s gun control plan includes a push for universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, incentivizing states to pass and enforce “red flag” laws (measures that would allow law enforcement to temporarily seize guns from people found to be a danger to themselves or to others), an effort to have all guns sold be “smart guns” (personalized guns that use various technologies to prevent anyone other than an authorized user from firing the weapon).
  • Eric Trump: Claimed Joe Biden wants  ‘amnesty and health care’ for undocumented immigrants and to stop funding for building Trump’s Stupid Wall.
  • Fact: Sure, Biden wants to curtail funding for Trump’s Stupid wall but he has not proposed amnesty nor free healthcare for undocumented immigrants.
  • Numerous people claimed Trump curtailed or slowed our country’s opioid crisis.
  • Fact: Sure, it slowed for a spell, then rose again.
  • Pam Bondi: Had to go there and bring up Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s relationship with Ukraine.
  • “Joe Biden — the vice president of the United States — threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless that same prosecutor was fired… and then he was fired,” Bondi said Tuesday night.
  • Fact: There’s still no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of either Biden.

On the Mid-East:

  • Melania Trump and a few other speakers claimed: “He’s the first president to address a special session of the United Nations General Assembly to call upon countries across the world to end religious persecution and honor the right of every person to worship as they choose.”
  • Fact: Trump was not the first president to do this.

Speaking of Melania, she wins the lie of the night:

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