Kalamazoo pastor paid 4 teenage boys to have sex with his wife!

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KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Rev. Stricjavvar “Strick” Strickland has been charged with 11 felony counts involving child sexual assault and human trafficking, according to Kalamazoo County court records.

Strickland faces four counts of third-degree sexual assault, three counts of child sexually abusive activity and four counts of human trafficking of a minor for commercial sexual activity, Kalamazoo County 8th District Court records show.


The boys were all between ages 15 and 17. The Reverend has been accused of paying the boys to have sex with his wife, Jazmonique, while he watched.

Strickland is also accused of coercing one of the boys to allow the pastor to perform oral sex on him when he was 17 in exchange for use of the pastor’s vehicle. A 15-year-old also claims that the pastor paid him $200 to have sex with his wife on the couple’s couch.  

“Per the reports, the defendant and his wife would use their employment at Phoenix High School (in Kalamazoo) and to some extent, the defendant would use his work as a pastor, to find male teens to engage in sexual activity with the wife, while the defendant watched and masturbated,” Kalamazoo County Assistant Prosecutor Christin J. Mehrtens-Carlin writes in her bond recommendation.

His wife, Jazmonique, does not face any charges.

Strickland said the charges were “absolutely preposterous” and that  “God will prevail.”

Also in the complaint, investigators accuse Strickland of engaging in similar behavior with his ex-wife years ago in Mississippi.


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