Racist and misleading robocalls hit Detroit and Chicago discouraging mail-in voting, officials say

Elected officials in Michigan and Illinois say a racially charged robocall has been targeting voters this week with misinformation about mail-in balloting.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson tweeted out a recording of the call on Thursday. The call falsely claims that mail-in voters will have their personal information shared with law enforcement “to track down old warrants” and that they could be added to a list for “mandatory vaccines.”

False rumors about police departments using elections to crack down on warrants and tickets have historically been part of efforts to intimidate minority voters and suppress turnout.
“My office has received a recording of a robocall targeting Detroit voters using racially-charged stereotypes and false information to deter voting by mail,” Benson said. “It is an unconscionable, indefensible, blatant attempt to lie to citizens about their right to vote.”


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