Arkansas Sheriff Resigns After His Racist Rant Caught on Tape


In a five-minute recording captured secretly by Desiree Middlebrooks, the mother of Sheriff Todd Wright’s  child, and shared widely on social media, Wright can be heard using a racial slur nine times.

Wright was apparently upset that Middlebrooks talked to the employee. He called her a “n—– lover” and later said, “Why you got to holler at f—ing n—– when I’m around?”

County Sheriff Todd Wright was recorded several months earlier ranting because Desiree spoke to a Black grocery-store employee.

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The recording was posted on Facebook last May and Sheriff Wright admitted that it was his voice on the recording.

“To all I have offended or hurt I send my sincere apologies and will pray for my enemies”,  he wrote at the time.

But that wasn’t enough. In a special meeting on Friday, the Arkansas County Quorum Court unanimously requested that Wright resign. The Quorum Court does not have the authority to fire him however.


Wright said he wasn’t racist and he blamed the devil for his behavior! He said he would not resign.

“I’m a Christian man. I read my Bible every day,” Wright said. “I am by no means a racist. That video does not show the true picture of me.”

In the end a former colleague, Bobby Webb got through to Wright.

“Todd, I’ve known you all my life. You need to take that badge and sat it on that table and walk out of here, Todd,” Webb said. “You know I love you, but you screwed up. Lay that badge down, lay that gun down, and walk out of here.”

Todd sat it, and quit.


Anyone that wants to listen to the recording and/or see photos of Desiree Middlebrooks, they may be found here.

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