Haiku Wednesday

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We haven’t done this in awhile. So, to refresh your memory:

Here are the rules: I request that any stand alone comment you post be in Haiku format. How you reply to a comment is your choice.

In a nutshell:

Your first line MUST contain 5 syllables, nothing more, nothing less.

Second line must contain 7 syllables.

The last line reverts to the first line: 5 syllables.

Easy peasy-5,7,5.

I will get the Haiku party going:

They throw soup at cops

BLM bad, racists good

Trump’s twisted beliefs.

They fly in airplanes

Dropped off in cities to loot

Not an ounce of proof.

Strait jacket he needs

Padded room with massive drugs

Vote the crazy out.

Americans dead

From disease that was no hoax

He let this happen.

Are you over it?

If so, please get out the vote

Not another four years.

Return to normal

No more chaos every day

Please get out the vote.

**Nothing has to be this long. I have ‘challenges’ saying anything in ten words or less. I’m just providing examples. You don’t have to do anything political. Your Haiku can be about anything you want within reason. 😀 Enjoy!

Ms. G

Welcome back, America!