Biden Picks Up Endorsement From 100 More Republicans and Independents

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Another Republican led effort to dethrone Trump is in the pipeline, with about 100 endorsements of Joe Biden coming on Thursday.

The group of Republicans and Independents include former governors, and is headed by Christine Todd Whitman, former Republican governor of New Jersey. Whitman has been a vocal critic of Trump and spoke at the Democratic National Convention in support of Biden.

“Biden is a decent man, he’s a steady man,” Whitman told Reuters. “Trump is trying to paint the world of Joe Biden as horrific – but that’s Trump’s America now.”

Bill Weld, a 2020 Republican candidate for president, and Rick Snyder, former Republican Michigan governor, are higher profile members of the coalition.

In a USA Today op-ed, Snyder said he would continue to stand up for Republican policies, but could not stand up for Donald Trump.

From Snyder’s contribution:

When elected to office, you do not represent only your supporters, you represent all of your constituents. That is your job. I was at the nation’s Capitol when Trump gave his inaugural address. I had hoped this first speech as president would be a message to unify a divided nation. Instead, I heard a speech directed at how he would help the people who supported him. And sadly, that is how President Trump continues to govern.
While we have had a strong economy during his term, it reminds me of the old expression that it is better to be lucky than smart. Some regulatory reforms have been helpful. But his tax reform was a failure. It didn’t have real long-term value, enriched large corporations and violated the basic principles of good tax reform to be simple, fair, and efficient. In the foreign policy area, there have been some good agreements, but overall, our nation is no longer respected as a leader on world affairs.
I had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Biden when he served as vice president. My interactions were always constructive and respectful. He has shown the desire to heal a deeply divided nation; has demonstrated strong moral character and empathy; and he seems willing to listen to people who have different perspectives from his own.

Other anti-Trump groups include 43 Alumni For Biden, Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden, and the Lincoln Project. Whitman’s group will be affiliated with and funded by the Lincoln Project. While members are from around the country, nearly 20% of them are from Michigan. The group will be targeting GOP and independent voters in battleground states.

See Reuters and The Hill.