The Oath Keepers are Murica’s Blackshirts

Hours after the body of Donald Trump supporter Aaron Danielson began growing cold on the streets of Portland, Oregon, the latest casualty in the ongoing domestic unrest of the Trump era, frothing far-right backers immediately jumped to a single conclusion. For the militant far right, there’s only one logical outcome, to follow: civil war.  “The first shot has been fired brother,” Stewart Rhodes, the head of the Oath Keepers, America’s largest militia, tweeted early Sunday morning. “Civil war is here, right now. We’ll give Trump one last chance to declare this a Marxist insurrection & suppress it as his duty demands. If he fails to do HIS duty, we will do OURS.”

It’s unclear what Rhodes views as the Oath Keepers’ “duty,” though it’s not difficult to imagine a range of devastating possibilities.  Rhodes’s comments are explicit confirmation that America’s militia movement is a vehicle for far-right forces to coalesce and coordinate armed pushback against protesters of anti-democratic policies in the U.S.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.