Trump doubles down in Latrobe, PA and suggests voters vote twice: Law & Order!

Just a side note that most everyone already knows: Voting more than once can lead to felony charges against said voter but that doesn’t stop Trump from encouraging and suggesting his Cult follow through.

In Latrobe, Pa., Trump, ONCE AGAIN, suggested that voters vote twice. Do it, minions, and stand in long lines, waiting for days to vote for Derp Leader because the COVID-19 hoax will magically disappear. Coughs and Sneezes! Just don’t bring it home to Mother. (Cue Rick James).

Speaking to a crowd at a nearly two-hour rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the president criticized efforts to keep voters safe during the election amid ongoing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 6 million people in the U.S.

“What you have to do is send in your early ballot and then go and make sure that ballot is tabulated or counted, and if it’s not counted, vote,” he said. “And then they have the job, if it comes in late, or if it’s not too late, they have the job of making sure that it’s not counted.”

-Dipshit DJT

Don’t get me started on Trump’s repeated lie about the Veterans Choice Act. But since Trump has NO record to run on except letting The Cult know he’s a fascist, racist dipsthit like they are, Mexico will still pay for his alleged Stupid Wall that no one else will fund. Yes, he’s back to that.

Twitter flagged Trump for suggesting people vote twice because that’s not what we do but it hasn’t stopped the Orange Ass for continuing to suggest and encourage his Cult break the law.


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