Anita Hill Endorses Joe Biden for President

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Anita Hill vowed to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the November election. 

Biden led the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991 when Hill testified at the confirmation hearing of then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas

The then-Delaware senator joined the panel of all-male senators in aggressively questioning Hill of her allegations that Thomas sexually harassed her while they worked together at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“Notwithstanding all of his limitations in the past, and the mistakes that he made in the past, notwithstanding those, at this point, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I think Joe Biden is the person who should be elected in November,”Hill told CNN’s Gloria Borger in an interview set to air Monday.
Hill said that her decision is “more about the survivors of gender violence. That’s really what it’s about.””My commitment is to finding solutions, and I am more than willing to work with him,” Hill said, adding she’d like to work on issues of sexual harassment, gender violence and gender discrimination.

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