French Man Blows Up House Trying to Swat Fly!

According to Sud-Ouest, an 82-year-old man became irritated by the buzzing of a fly while eating dinner Friday evening in his home in in Parcoul-Chenaud, a village in the Dordogne region in southwestern France, and began swinging at it with an electric fly swatter. Unbeknownst to the man, a gas canister was leaking in the home at the same time.

A spark from the swatter ignited the gas, damaging the home’s kitchen and the roof. The man managed to escape the house with minor burns on his hand. The fate of the fly is unknown.

NY Daily 

As the Frenchman blows up house, the blast affected part of the roof above, and the house is now uninhabitable. Luckily, the gentleman survived the explosion with just a burn to his hand. News agency Sud-ouest reported that the man is now living at a nearby campsite while his family make repairs to his home.

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