Ohio Gov. DeWine clarifies that FEMA Concentration Camps are not coming to Ohio

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“I don’t spend much time talking about rumors that are on the Internet because we wouldn’t get much done if we did that all the time,” DeWine said. “But this one, I’ve gotten so many calls in over the weekend that I thought we would just have to deal with it today. This comes in the category of ‘crazy, ridiculous internet rumors,’ but obviously some people are reading it. So I want to clarify.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine took time during his COVID-19 briefing Tuesday to address and refute a “crazy, ridiculous internet rumor” that he authorized the forced separation of children from their families into secret FEMA concentration camps.

These rumors were propagated on social media, on websites purporting to be legitimate sources of news, and by at least one member of DeWine’s own party – Republican Ohio Representative Nino Vitale, who posted a lengthy Facebook post Saturday with the alarming image: “FEMA Concentration Camps Coming to Ohio…YES!”


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