Trump threatens to ‘put … down very quickly’ any potential, election night riots

In an interview with the Queen of Box Wine, Jeanine Pirro, which will air Saturday evening, providing she isn’t looped, Trump claims he will  “‘put … down very quickly’ riots on election night should aggrieved Democrats take to the streets in the wake of his potential victory.”

“We’ll put them down very quickly if they do that. We have the right to do that. We have the power to do that, if we want,” Trump said.

“Look, it’s called insurrection,” he added. “We just send in, and we do it very easy. I mean, it’s very easy. I’d rather not do that because there’s no reason for it, but if we had to, we’d do that and put it down within minutes.”

In other words, the Fascist in Chief threatened to invoke “Insurrection Act, an 1807 law that authorizes the commander in chief to deploy U.S. troops domestically to enforce federal or state laws under certain circumstances. The law has been used in rare and extreme cases in U.S. history, and Trump endured backlash when he suggested he could use the provision earlier this year to quell protests following the police killing of George Floyd.”

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