Trump at wildfire briefing in Sacramento, CA: ‘It will start getting cooler. You just watch.”

Trump came to Sacramento, CA to meet with officials on CA’s recent, devastating wildfires. Trump still spouted off the need for western states to practice good forest management but failed to acknowledge that most of CA’s wildfires started by lightning strikes. He also failed to acknowledge that most of CA’s forests are federally owned.

With wildfires raging in California, Oregon and Washington, the president told reporters that “there has to be good, strong forest management” and he’s been telling states for three years to embrace that.

“Hopefully they’ll start doing that,” he said at McClellan Park, the former Air Force base north of Sacramento where he touched down for his briefing.

Trump then made some absurd claim that Climate Change will miraculously just disappear and the earth will get cooler.

Wade Crowfoot, the secretary of California’s Natural Resources Agency then tweeted a graph that is more than likely above Trump’s remedial comprehension level depicting how real Climate Change truly is and how much hotter our summers have become.

The Sacramento Bee:

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