Stable Genius Says COVID-19 Will Go Away With “Herd Mentality”

Trump is claiming again that the coronavirus will just disappear like a miracle, without a vaccine.

In an ABC News town hall forum in Pennsylvania, Trump told George Stephanopoulos that people would develop a “herd mentality” and we’re all going to be okay.

While Trump and his followers think Joe Biden is slipping, the current president suggests that group-think of wishing the virus away is the answer to the pandemic. And even if he misspoke and meant herd immunity, he’s still advocating for many, many people to die from COVID-19.

To cross the herd immunity threshold, at least 60% of the population would need to be infected with the virus. In the U.S. that would translate to 196.8 million people. If the fatality ratio is, as the WHO suggests, 0.5-1.0%, that would mean 1-2 million people would die. And this could be a conservative estimate, as herd immunity may also not be acquired until as high as an 80% threshold.

Also at the town hall, President Genius said that Joe Biden didn’t call for a national mandate on masks — even while Joe Biden isn’t president. Yet.

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