Dr. Fauci dog walks Baby Paul over herd immunity and other Baby Paul nonsense

The exchange between the two men occurred during the Senate Health Committee hearing where several officials testified on the deadly Trumpvirus Coronavirus.

Senator Rand Paul, who had the virus a few months ago, continuously criticizes lockdowns and other CDC recommendations claiming that they did not help NYC and the Tri-State area since they suffered greatly from the virus. Baby Paul suggested that ‘herd immunity’ might be a better option instead of lockdowns.

See the exchange below:

When Paul floated the theory that New Yorkers have now developed enough immunity that they are no longer at risk, Fauci appeared irritated and said the senator was completely off base.

“I challenge that, senator,” Fauci said, before asking for more time to finish his response “because this happens with Senator Rand all the time.”

“You are not listening to what the director of the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] said, that in New York [the infection rate is] about 22 percent. If you believe 22 percent is herd immunity, I believe you’re alone in that,” Fauci said. 

The Hill:

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, Sweden’s mortality rate from Covid-19 is roughly 57 people per 100,000. Norway, which borders Sweden, has a mortality rate of five people per 100,000. Finland? Just over six people per 100,000.


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