The Trump campaign is reportedly planning a way to bypass the 2020 election results in key swing states

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The Trump campaign is weighing a postelection strategy that would bypass the election results in key swing states and install electors who would vote for the president in the Electoral College, even if he loses the election, according to a report by The Atlantic.

A move by state legislatures to try to appoint their own slate of presidential electors after the fact would violate federal law, according to election experts.

While Americans have a right to one vote, there is no constitutional right to vote for president and Americans don’t directly elect the president. States are each appointed a certain number of electors which correspond to the number of US House Representatives and US Senators for each state, which are then applied to the electoral college.

Under Article II of the Constitution, state legislatures have the authority to appoint their states’ electoral college votes in the manner they determine, which legislatures could cite as a justification for directly appointing all the state’s electoral college votes for Trump.

Source: MSN