It’s 5:00 Somewhere

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It seems appropriate for our Friday News Views Happy Hour to be Ladies Night.

Today’s conversation with my dear sweet dimunitive mom quickly led to us talking about the life and death of a cultural icon of our lifetimes as women.

Mom is about RBG’s size and only a few years her junior. My mom comes from humble beginnings, orphaned before age ten from off-the-boat immigrant parents in poor health. She was born into a rough and tumble world, and persevered through much loss and hardship in her early life. She then began raising her own family during the 60’s and 70’s as Ruth Bader Ginsberg was struggling to find work as a lawyer.

We owe much to the hard work of Ruth Bader Ginsberg as she fought for equal opportunities for women. Thanks to Ruth, champion of American women, for shattering stereotypes of the American family. The battles she fought and won for women’s constitutional equality not only made us better women, but those rights gifted our men with richer, better lives because of it.

It’s 5:00 Friday, and for many of us it signals the end of the working week. So whether you have been a confident, hard-working woman, or maybe you love one — today we should raise a glass to the legacy of Notorious RBG, who truly helped make all of us here at News Views who we are today!


(Today, it’s a lime vodka and grapefruit soda. What’ll you have?)