Trump meets with Lordstown Motors of Ohio: “The area is absolutely booming now.” It’s not-

"Welcome to Voltage Valley!"

Welcome to Voltage Valley!

“We’ve been working on this very long and very hard,” Trump said on the White House South Lawn, where he examined the vehicle with Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman, Dayton Republican Rep. Mike Turner and Trump’s manufacturing policy chief, Peter Navarro. “This is a really unique thing because the four wheels are — hub motor, hub motor — this is the only one that does this in the world. It has a lot of advantages.

“The area was devastated when General Motors moved out,” Trump continued. “Beyond the plant, it’s incredible what’s happened in the area. It’s booming now. It’s absolutely booming. … It’s an incredible piece of science, technology. It’s going to happen now with more and more trucks. And ultimately they say you’ll be able to do it for less money, and it’s better, which is a good combination.”

-The Stable Genius

Ohio’s other senator, the awesome Sherrod Brown, and former Lordstown workers  interviewed disagreed with claims that Trump saved Lordstown. 

Comments from Senator Brown, Dave Green, a former president of the United Auto Workers local that represented Lordstown’s workers, and former Trump supporter, Brian Robinson:

“We begged Trump to help – he did nothing,” said Brown. “We’ve heard mostly empty promises since then … While we welcome Lordstown Motors and the battery plant, i’s nothing close to what it should be and nothing close to what it would have been if the president stepped up three and four years ago.”

-Senator Sherrod Brown

“For Trump to come in and take credit for anything going in there to me is pathetic,” said Green. “We wanted GM to put a product in there with the realization that if they don’t, something may come here.”

-Dave Green

“I know tons of people that supported him that regret it now,” said Robinson. “When your family is being torn apart and you’re forced to be in one place while your loved ones are in another, it’s got to make you question a lot of different things.”

-Brian Robinson

Although the unemployment rate in Ohio fell in August, the entire Youngstown area has one of the highest unemployment rates in Ohio. “Don’t sell your house!”

Who is the most intellectually challenged US Senator?

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