Fact checking and delivering the best moments of the first presidential debate

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First, the best moments then we’ll get to the dumpster fire.

There were several other zingers but, it was pretty much a disgrace. We saw one man trying…TRYING…to answer Chris Wallace’s questions, discuss policy, and address the American people. Then, we saw the other candidate, the Orange Clown, so ill prepared to defend his ‘legacy’ but instead decided to: attack, derail, interrupt, and act like a complete, ill-mannered imbecile. Plus, he REFUSED TO CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACY!

Now for some Fact Checking:

  • Trump:
  • “We’re protecting pre-existing conditions.:
    • No, he tried blow up the Affordable Care Act (ACA) since he took office and in the midst of a pandemic when so many have lost their employer provided health care.
    • Furthermore, the ACA already protects people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Biden did NOT call Trumps’ semi-travel ban, ‘xenophobic.’
    • The Jan. 31 order applied only to mainland China, not Hong Kong, and it allowed tens of thousands of Americans there to return to the U.S., where screening of arrivals was spotty.
    • The day after Trump’s announcement, Biden tweeted that “we need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering.” He did not mention the ban or travel from China.
  • Trump Claim:  “We’re doing record business.”
    • Sure, some people have returned to work but unemployment is still high and experts expect a second round of this deadly virus that could lead to more lockdowns unless you believe the virus is the flu or even a hoax that will magically disappear.
  • Trump claimed he paid millions of dollars in taxes.
    • According to The New York Times, he paid $750 in taxes for the year he was elected and for his first year in office. His bigly reality TV show, The Apprentice, saved his ass from standing with other Americans in our depleted soup lines.
  • Trump’s claim on mail-in ballots.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci “said very strongly, ‘masks are not good.’ Then he changed his mind, he said, ‘masks, good.’”
    • OUT OF CONTEXT: Early on in the outbreak, a number of public health officials urged everyday people not to use masks, fearing a run on already short supplies of personal protective equipment needed by doctors and nurses in hospitals.
    • But that changed as the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus became clear, as well as the fact that it can be spread by tiny droplets breathed into the air by people who may not display any symptoms.
  • Trump’s Coronafests: “So far we have had no problem whatsoever. It’s outside, that’s a big difference according to the experts. We have tremendous crowds.”
    • Herman Cain died shortly after attending one of Trump’s Coronafests.
    • The Tulsa City-County Health Department director said the rally “likely contributed” to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases there. By the first week of July, Tulsa County was confirming more than 200 new daily cases, setting record highs. That’s more than twice the number the week before the rally.
  • Biden:
  • The trade deficit with China than before, not accurate.
    • Trump promised to close the gap when he took office. During his first years in office he failed, and the trade deficit grew from $346.8 billion in 2016 to $418.9 billion in 2018. However, due to Trump’s tariffs, the deficit fell last year to $345.2 billion, roughly in line with the figure in the year before Trump took office.
  • “The fact of the matter is violent crime went down 17%, 15%, in our administration.”
    • It fell roughly 10% from 2008, the year before Biden took office as vice president, to 2016.
  • Antifa: Joe is correct. Antifa is an idea, not an organization.
  • Biden said: “We inherited the worst recession short of a depression in American history. I was asked to bring it back. We were able to make the economic recovery to create the jobs…”
    • True.


The Los Angeles Times:

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Yep, it definitely was a mess,

” The President refused to condemn White Supremacy:”

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