Melania Trump caught on tape not being best

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Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former assistant to First Lady Melania Trump and author of “Melania and Me”, tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper about First Lady Melania Trump’s legacy.

Melania also has a new PSA out encouraging kids to ‘just say no’ to drugs just two days after her husband mocked Hunter Biden’s drug addiction.

  • First Lady Melania Trump on Thursday touted her efforts to prevent substance abuse less than two days after her husband mocked Hunter Biden’s drug addiction. 
  • In the pre-recorded video, the White House director of drug control policy praises the president and first lady’s personal dedication to ending substance abuse. 
  • But during Tuesday’s debate, President Donald Trump went after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son over his past cocaine use.
  • Donald Trump Jr. followed that by calling Hunter a “crackhead.” 

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The Lincoln Project made their own ad based on Melania’s PSA.

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