Liveblog - A Disease Infested White House and a Government in Chaos

News Views will continue to run a daily Live Blog on how the deadly Coronavirus has affected our leaders, their ability to lead, and our government as a whole. Feel free to post any credible updates and discuss with one another the latest developments.

Just a quick recap of the last few days’ events:

  • Trump announced he and Melania tested positive for the deadly Trumpvirus on Thursday evening/wee early Friday morning depending on what time zone one lives in.
  • He and Joe Biden held their first presidential debate in Ohio a few days before and so far, Joe Biden continues to test negative.
  • Trump’s doctors have painted a rosy picture of his condition but other medical professionals suggest he is suffering a more severe case of Covid-19.
  • Trump has also said publicly that he’s doing well and even took a Sunday drive to see and wave at all his bigly fans hanging around Walter Reed Medical Hospital. His publicity stunt and photo op has jeopardized the health and well being of numerous Secret Service officers.
  • In a tweet, Dr. James P Phillips said, “Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential ‘drive-by’ just now has to be quarantined for 14 days.”
  • At least seven people who attended a White House event on Sept. 26 have since tested positive for the coronavirus.
White House Rose Garden, Sept. 26
Red Dot indicates Attendees who have since tested positive for the coronavirus
  • Trump Experiences No Symptoms per White House Physician

    White House physician reassured us that Trump is experiencing no symptoms today after having a restful night at the People’s House.

  • Joint Chiefs Officers quarantining after Coast Guard #2 tests positive


    Adm. Charles W. Ray, the vice commandant of the Coast Guard, first tested positive for the virus on Monday after recent travels included a ceremony at the White House recognizing Gold Star families on September 27, and a meeting on Friday with top military officials at the Pentagon.

    Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is among those quarantined.  Also quarantined is Gen. John Hyten, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs; Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations; Gen. James McConville, the Army chief of Staff; Gen. Charles Q. Brown, the Air Force chief of staff; Gen. John Raymond, the Space Force chief of staff; Gen. Daniel Hokanson, the chief the National Guard Bureau; and Gen. Paul Nakasone, the head of U.S. Cyber Command.

    A chief Pentagon spokesman says that there is no change to the readiness or capability of the U.S. Armed Forces.



  • Riverside Pastor Tests Positive

    Evangelical pastor of a California megachurch, Greg Laurie of Riverside’s Harvest Christian Fellowship. tested positive over the weekend.  Laurie was a guest at the Rose Garden superspreader celebration of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to SC.  He also had attended a prayer march on September 26 on the National Mall with Franklin Graham and Father Mike Pence.

  • There’s no time like grift time

    The White House seems to be suffering from some severe premature CoVID-19 celebration. Five days in and they have issued a;

    Final Commerative Coin for President Trump’s First Term
    “President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID”


  • Nothing to see, move along

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