Feeling the Bern in Ann Arbor

Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Monday for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Biden’s competitor for the Democratic nomination for president extolled Biden as the leader the country needs to get through the pandemic, while sending well wishes to Trump and Melania as they recover from COVID-19.

“What the last few days have told us is that, if there was ever any doubt, it should now be clear that no one, no one, is safe from this pandemic,” the senator said.

Sanders also spoke on climate change, raising the minimum wage, and helping college students with tuition as important to Biden.

While Biden and Sanders disagree on issues such as the senator’s Medicare for All plan that would abolish private health insurance and have the federal government finance universal coverage, Sanders said he is confident that the former vice president will expand needed health care coverage, including for mental health.

Bernie also spoke to young people who want change.

“So today I say to young people: If you are worried about the outrageous level of student debt that many of you have incurred or are incurring, if you are upset about the high cost of college, if you are concerned about low-paying jobs, climate change, sexism, racism, homophobia and religious bigotry, it is not good enough to complain and moan and groan. That doesn’t change anything,” he said. “You have to do something about it, you have to fight back and the first step forward is to vote.”

The Detroit News.