Trump holds a virtual rally on the Rush Limbaugh show ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

What better way to attract voters other than cranks, racists, and wing nuts than going on the Rush Limbaugh show to hold a two hour, virtual rally?

โ€œThe presidentโ€™s status with COVID-19 is pretty solid,โ€ Limbaugh declared, adding: โ€œNot once during the hour and 42 minutes has the president been stumped, has he not known what heโ€™s wanted to say.โ€

-Rush Limbaugh

During the virtual rally, Trump railed on about his usual grievances: “the press, Democrats, the Russia investigators. But he also lashed out at Fox News, former DNC chair Donna Brazile, the Pulitzer Commission and LeBron James. One person who escaped his wrath was German chancellor Angela Merkel, who he called ‘smart and ‘cunning’.”

The Guardian:

Trump also claimed that Speaker Pelosi wants to invoke the 25th Amendment not against him but Joe Biden so Senator Harris can assume the duties of the president and replace Joe Biden. He tweeted the same nonsense earlier Friday morning.

Trump isn’t the only one spewing this nonsense. It appears Wing Nut world and far right wing, Fake News sources have also adopted this new ‘connect the dots’ scenario.

Former Speakerย Newt Gingrichย (R-Ga.), a Trump ally, also suggested Pelosi’s talk about the 25th Amendment was a “trial run” for replacing Biden with Harris.

There’s no evidence that Pelosi is motivated by the prospect of replacing Biden with Harris. For days, the Speaker has raised concerns that Trump’s judgment may have been impaired by his medication regimen following his COVID-19 diagnosis last week.

The Hill:

Trump also dropped the ‘F bomb’ in an attempt to sound bigly tough on Iran.

He also made some far fetched claim that an unnamed general told him that the military had no ammo. Even Limbaugh seemed shocked about that claim.

Trump also rambled on about his bigly healthcare plan that has yet to materialize during the nearly four years he’s been president. Apparently, that will happen when he’s re-elected and ‘Democrats’ have no choice but to go along with it.

Tomorrow, Trump with hold another superspreader, Coronafest on the White House lawn. Several hundred COVIDIOTS are expected to attend. Yes, you read correctly.

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