At The Villages in Florida, a parade of seniors votes early for Biden

In a clear warning signal to President Donald Trump, his ardent supporters, and Republican Party insiders who, for months, have ascertained that Trump will win the November 3rd election in a landslide, hundreds of senior voters who reside in Florida’s largest retirement community, The Villages, threw their support behind former vice president Joe Biden on October 7th when, on parade, they enthusiastically showed their support before casting early ballots for the Biden/Harris ticket.

The Villages, Florida: A golf cart parade of over 300 voters for Joe Biden on its way to vote early. Cheers of, “Go Biden!” can be heard as it passes. (Photo credit: AP / John Raoux)

Growing support for the former vice president, particularly in a location where Republican voters have outnumbered registered Democrats by 2:1 for decades and on the heels of an election where “Trump led voters 65 and older by 9 percentage points in 2016” may be an ominous sign for what’s to come for the President.

In the state of Florida, and elsewhere across the country, seniors remain a huge chunk of the electorate. Based on Pew Research Center findings, nearly 1 in 4 voters are 65 and older which is the “highest level on record, going back to 1970,” (source).

From AP: “Trump has solid support among older adults, but his campaign has seen a drop-off in its internal research, according to campaign aides, and some public polls suggest Democrat Joe Biden is running ahead or just even with Trump.”

From selling his new prescription drug plan, to hastening fear among the nation’s suburbs, the president has tried to maintain a lead among seniors mostly by attempting to maintain a tough “law and order” image, but it may not be enough in the shadow of the president’s recent bout with COVID-19. Many senior voters are concerned:

“If the 74-year-old Trump can’t safeguard his own health, some wonder, how can he be trusted to protect other older adults who are far more vulnerable?” (source)

President Trump needs to win Florida. Waning support there, particularly among those 65 and older, is a danger sign.

“Older adults historically are the most reliable voters, and Florida is infamous for its tight races. So even a modest drop in support could send Trump back to private life.” (source)

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