The Results of the “Medical Evaluation” on Fox News Are In

Donald Trump appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program last night with Dr. Marc Siegel to talk about his bout with the “China virus.” While the suggestion was that it would be the first in-person interview since the president’s diagnosis, it was in reality a White House camera crew that filmed the segment, not a Fox News crew.

Dr. Marc Siegel, who was impressed earlier with the results of Trump’s cognitive test — “person, man, woman, camera, TV” — started the interview by asking Trump how he was feeling.

Trump said he’s feeling “really, really strong,” unlike other people who have contracted the “China virus,” as he likes to call it. He insisted that he had no problems breathing, despite reports that his oxygen levels fell dangerously low at times. The president also admitted to some “congestion” in his lungs detected during a CAT scan, which is more than his personal doctor was willing to reveal to reporters earlier in the week

Trump also promised free Regeneron to all Americans who need it.

When asked about the joyride outside Walter Reed hospital, “They went crazy when they saw the car go by,” Trump boasted, saying it would have been “disrespectful” not to “give them a little wave.”

When the doctor asked the president what “lessons” he’s learned from his experience, Trump exhibited a brief flash of self-awareness. “It’s a lot easier for me than someone who doesn’t have access to a doctor so easily.” But moments later, he was again talking about how he’s too important to simply hide in his basement.

And again, there were no answers about when his last negative test was taken, and saying of his most recent test, “I have been retested and I haven’t even found out numbers are anything yet,” he said. “But I’ve been retested and I know I’m at either the bottom of the scale or free.”

From the Daily Beast.