Promises made, promises broken: Foxconn falls short in creating bigly jobs for second year in a row

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For the second year in a row, the Taiwan based company Foxconn fell short in creating all those bigly jobs in Wisconsin that Trump hailed as proof he was reviving U.S. manufacturing. The state of Wisconsin said this is the second year in a row the company missed its targets and will not qualify for their tax credits.

In a letter to the Taiwan-based company’s Vice Chairman Jay Lee, Wisconsin’s economic development agency said Foxconn was a long way away from building the large TV screens it had proposed in 2017, when it promised to eventually create 13,000 jobs in the state.

But for many the factory has become a symbol of failed promises in Midwestern states like Wisconsin that were key to Trump’s 2016 election and are now closely watched swing states in the Republican’s bid to be re-elected on Nov. 3.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers, who inherited a deal from his Republican predecessor to give Foxconn $4 billion in tax breaks and other incentives when he took office in 2019, has sought to renegotiate the state’s contract with the firm.


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